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Post by Ashley on Sun Apr 12, 2009 9:54 pm

Please note that three offenses to each rule will result in a temporary ban

1.No Spamming-Spamming is making a very short senseless post. Doing it multiple times will result in a temporary ban. Posts have to be at least 50 words but in some areas it will be excusable. About three sentences per post is expected.

2.No Flaming-Flaming is intentionally making any member feel bad or you are being uncontrollably mean to them with or without reason. You will be warned, and if you continue to fail to cooperate it will result in a temporary ban. If you continue after that, you will be permanently banned.

3.No Double Posting-You cannot post and then post right after making two posts in a row. If you need to add something you can use the modify button. This is considered spamming

4.Bumping Topics- At this point, bumping old topics will be allowed. But if this forum ever gets bigger and have a large amount of members, it will become against the rules. Have fun for now. =P

5. Posting in the incorrect board- If something is in the wrong place, a moderator will move it. Please use good judgment before posting a new thread.

6. Inappropriate topics and/or posts.- This includes sexual themes, racism, etc. Be respectful towards your fellow members, as you do not know if they will be offended or not. This will result in a temporary/permanent ban!
  • SubRule: You are allowed to make jokes, the "In My Pants" game is an example of what is allowed. If you do make a thread that has this kind of content in it, you MUST have *Mature Content* pasted in the title of your thread. However, you will not be allowed to use these themes in an offensive/serious manner.

7. Cussing- Cussing is allowed in moderation, but please keep in mind that we have a younger audience. If you use extensive amounts of cuss words in a post, you will be warned. If it continues to be an issue, you will be temporarily banned.

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