Rules for Posting artwork.

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Rules for Posting artwork. Empty Rules for Posting artwork.

Post by Ashley on Sun Apr 12, 2009 9:54 pm

.::Posting your own artwork::.

First and foremost, if you post up your artwork, you are leaving it open to get criticism on. People giving the crit, do not be mean but offer your crit constructively. It's good to give a few things you like about an image and a few things that could be improved.

1. It must be your own creation. If you are found to be taking someone else's artwork you will be warned and asked to state that it is not yours. If you fail to cooperate then you will be banned.

2. If you used a reference, you must post it along with your picture. Referencing is when you use one image to help out with a pose, expression, etc.

3. If you copied directly from a picture, you must post the picture. Copying is when you copy the whole image, it even counts if you change a few features. For example, if someone copied a picture from Naruto, but changed the hair and the colors, it's still copying.

4. If contains mature content, you must put *mature content* in your post title. If this is not put into the title, it will be edited in. If you are not sure about if your image contains mature content or not, put the title anyways, it can be changed later. Mature content includes things such as nudity, blood and gore, etc.

5. Collaborations- When you finish/start a piece of artwork with someone else. You must post a link to the other artist's account on Deviantart, GaiaOnline, etc. You must also state their part of the collaboration.

More will be added as the forum goes along. If you think a rule should be added, feel free to PM a moderator or administrator.

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